How to dress for your trip

How to dress for your trip

How to dress for your trip

What to Wear

What to Wear
a quick overview

Growing up in Washington state we learned to not let weather stop us from doing the things we loved- Alaska is the very same. In Alaska (and many other wilderness places), the secret is to dress in layers- so that you can add or remove clothes to adjust your comfort level as the temperatures rises or falls (which it does- sometimes daily!)

Your layers start with a pair of long underwear (top and bottom), then quick drying pants, followed by a waterproof rain shell (rain gear) - that covers your body. Good socks and Sturdy, waterproof footwear completes the package. Any trip to Alaska should include reliable rain gear. We will carry sets on the fishing boats, but you'll want to bring your own for all the time out of the boat for the balance of your day, and for our evening activities! Good hats, sunglasses and lightweight gloves are plus as well. Cotton jeans are not a great way to go- stay wet forever and feel terrible doing it.

Quick drying “Travel Pants” that zip off to make shorts are one of our travel secrets (Your favorite Levi’s are OK at home, but not our recommendation for the wilds of Alaska- they don’t keep you warm when wet and take forever to dry!) Our second secret is a down or synthetic vest- keeps the core warm with minimal weight and packing space.

PRO TIP: Be sure to bring either a small backpack or small dry bag to keep some extra clothes and raingear in when you are out enjoying our great daily activities. (It can also keep dry your your wallet, phone, water bottle and a snack).

Keep the warm inside

Clothing Packing List:

  • A couple pair of Breathable quick drying pants that zip off into shorts. (double duty ). Avoid jeans- not good when wet and never dry.
  • adequate underwear and socks... (a fresh pair of socks and skivvies can sometimes brighten your whole day)
  • full set tops and bottoms of breathable Long underwear (the new generation breathable is best - avoid cotton layers!)
  • a 2nd, heavier pair of long underwear if your trip is in September or if you get cold easily (they're a lifesaver on a cold fall morning running upriver, and take up almost no space in your pack or duffel.)
  • waterproof shoes - for Fishing, ("duck boots" (rubber bottom, leather upper) are excellent in the boats. For adventure trips, waterproof hiking shoe with good support is the way to go
  • A few lightweight breathable or easy drying t shirts
  • a heavier weight "puffy jacket" or fleece jacket or similar that will layer with your raingear.
  • a down (or synthetic) vest, which will keep your core warm without taking up too much space for spring and fall trips.

NOTE: For those planning on overnight at one of remote camps, or joining us in early June or late August/September, plan on having warmer clothes- perhaps an additional sweater or fleece layer for when the temperature drops.)

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Bring a couple!

Bring a couple caps with you- a billed baseball cap and a stocking cap and (plus a rain hat, or make sure your raingear has a hood!). Even July trips can mean a chilly morning followed by a 75 degree afternoon! A wide brim rain cap is an added bonus with the extra benefit of a little flair, but good rain gear has a hood so you're fine without. Cowboy hats fly off in the boats - sorry about that!

The Outer Shell
Keep the wet out!


This is a more in - depth topic, and you can spend literally as much as much money as you choose on this category, so just pick which of the categories describes you best and you'll see an example. there are a myriad of websites and places to get this type of equipment, so by no means is this the only place to do that. Provided as a sample of what you are looking for.

Fishermen: If you have gore tex style waders you can use them as rain gear for the lower body. Rubber style raingear won't work if you are hiking in somewhere, but if you are staying on the boat all day they work great and are affordable. If wading is in your itinerary, go for the breathable gore-tex style rain jacket.

Safari guests: if you are on the Kenai Multi Sport, or one of our more active trips, then high end breathable rain gear is important. Staying warm and dry is paramount! Go for the best raingear you can reasonably afford- it's an investment in a fun trip.


For fishing, just simple outdoor boots or "Pac" boots or Extra Tuff rubber knee boots(the best) are great for being out in the boats. Anything with a good solid sole, medium high ankles and repels water will work. If you are on a more athletic adventure (safari or Multi Sport) then waterproof hiking shoes are a much better idea. Tennis shoes, sandals or deck shoes are a great second pair for around camp.

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