Alaska Fishing Packing List

Alaska Fishing Packing List

Alaska Fishing Packing List

Alaska Fishing Packing List

​Spin Fishing Gear at Great Alaska

​Spin Fishing Gear at Great Alaska
All you need to know if you're bringing your own

What to bring on your fishing trip to Alaska? Remember Great Alaska Adventures will provide all necessary tackle for your daily adventures if you have none of your own, or choose not to bring yours. But for those who like to fish their favorite rods and reels, here is some information to get you started. Please call our office with any questions – 866 411 2327 (BEAR). We are here to help!


If there is one thing you would like to bring, your own pair of waders and boots might be it (wait..that's two things!) For those who enjoy wade fishing, or who plan on fishing in front of the cabins each night, well fitting boots and waders are great. We will have rubber hip boots and rubber boots for your use, but comfortable and well - fitting Gore Tex waders and wading boots are an investment in comfortable daily fishing adventures. Most of our daily fishing is from boats, and so if you are not planning on extensive late season trout fishing or Steelhead, or prefer to fish from the boats exclusively, then of course this is not required. It's pretty affordable now to get a decent pair of Gore-tex waders and boots...and if you got it to spend, there are some incredible options our there.

The Basics
Rod, Reel, Line and Terminal Tackle

Rod and Reel: an 8 to 9 foot, fast action spinning or bait casting rod will suffice. At least 150 yards of room on your spool is required, along with a very high quality drag system. String it with top quality 12-14 pound mono filament, or 20 pound “next generation” braided line. (This is the rod that you can use for every species we target, except for King Salmon and offshore Halibut- the Swiss Army Knife of fishing rods!) Here is a great combo at that would work perfectly for you.

Terminal tackle This is pretty simple- (check seasonal calendar for which species are available during your time frame Our guides will have lots of variations of the basic themes here, but for those who choose to know more and bring some of their own, here is a very brief list of some gear you can choose to bring, by species.

Please call the office for assistance with any terminology or help you may need. If you simply bring your rod and reel the guides will provide all the terminal tackle you need. That said, here goes:

Kenai River Evening Fishing
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Gear by species
What to bring for your fishing trip

RAINBOW TROUT: (June 16- Sept 31)

Drift weights (aka “slinkys”) in various sizes plus snap swivels,

egg patterns or “Trout Beads”,

a spool of 6 and 8 pound mono-filament (my favorite brand: Maxima “Ultra green”.)

a mixed size container or removable split shot, egg patterns, flesh patterns,

“Trout beads” in 6, 8 and 10 Millimeter sizes.

SOCKEYE SALMON: (June - peak of Late July/early August)

“Coho” flies, (long shank streamer flies with a 3/8” opening on the hook)

barrel Swivels, 20 pound Maxima Ultra green mono for leader,

small beads and bullet weights in the ¼ Oz class.


Snap swivels plus “Blue Fox” brand, “Vibrax” model spinners, number 5

Shiny salmon/steelhead spoons in the 3/8 oz. weights. .


• Something to hold your fishing license (Ziploc baggie works but small floating, waterproof case is better)

• A fishing vest or small tackle bag that goes around your waist

• Forceps/needle nose pliers or other hook removal tool

• Digital camera to capture that great catch

• Small dry bag to keep your stuff safe and dry in the boat

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