Quick Trip Planning

Quick Trip Planning

Quick Trip Planning

Easy Trip Planning
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PICKUPS: Most trips include complimentary pickup in Anchorage at one of our designated hotels. ANCHORAGE HOTELS: Pickup times are 7:30 to 8:00 AM - however exact timing for your pickup will vary from day to day, depending upon the number of pickups (and everyone being on time and ready to go!). Schedule your pickup at 866.411.2327


We also pick up in Seward or Whittier for an additional fee of 150.00 per person at the cruise ship docks. Pickup time is 8:30 A.M., and you'll be at the lodge in time for check in at 10:30. These pickups are by pre schedule only so speak to your adventure expert when booking your trip.


Our address is 33881 Sterling Highway, Sterling Alaska 99672

  • Head South from Anchorage on the SEWARD HIGHWAY - travel approx. 45 miles around Turnagain Arm (watch for the Bore Tide!) and the road heads into the Kenai mountains.
  • Continue on Seward highway 45 more miles over Turnagain pass and past Summit Lake, and take a RIGHT at the "Seward Y". (Sign will read "left to seward, Right to Homer/Soldotna")
  • Travel 45 more beautiful miles along Kenai Lake and Kenai River until you reach the small town of Sterling, Alaska. CROSS MOOSE RIVER BRIDGE- THEN TAKE 1ST DRIVEWAY ON THE LEFT (only 50 feet from end of bridge). Enter driveway - take immediate LEFT and head down to our office on the river for check in.

For those driving in, road construction is a fact of life in Alaska - plan on leaving by 7:00 a.m. from Anchorage and you'll have plenty of time to stop for photos, Moose or road work.

How to pack
Quick packing tips

Packing light is always a great ideas - but in Alaska it may be even more important to pack right. Restricting your gear to 1 large duffel and a medium backpack or waterproof "Dry Bay" is an excellent idea, as hard sided luggage doesn't do so well in Alaska bush planes. We also offer a laundry service at the lodge so you can have your gear washed once during your stay.

We recommend quick drying "adventure wear" style safari pants and shirts, plus a comfortable set of long underwear (tops and bottom). Lastly, be sure to have as good a pair of rain gear as you can justify, along with good waterproof footwear, and you'll be set. Add a stocking cap and ball cap, sunglasses, a handful of ziplog baggies, bug spray, sunscreen/moisturizer and you'll be set. Throw in a small container of hand sanitizer...you don't want to get sick traveling through the airport on your dream Alaska adventure! Fishing enthusiasts check our fishing gear lists for more pescatorial based info!

Gratuities information

Tipping FAQ:

Gratuities are of course a completely personal decision, but travel and service is certainly considered a gratuity industry. Upon your arrival, there will be a "tip envelope" in your room to handle gratuities when you check out. There is no need to tip folks on a daily basis (with the exception of your daily fishing guide- they are typically tipped "in hand" at the end of each day)- just write down how you'd like to handle it and give it to our office upon check out. Our staff works very hard so that you will experience an fantastic Alaska vacation and for information purposes only, here are an indication of what is typical for many of our guests:

Guides: Your daily safari or fishing guide is typically tipped 25.00 - 30.00 per day per person. "In hand" at days end is customary within the guiding industry, however you may of course choose to tip them at trips end as well, with any other tips you choose to leave.

Hospitality/Dining: most guests leave 10.00 -20.00 per person, per day to be spread out amongst the hospitality and general staff. You can always separate out specific folks who really impacted your trip and give them a specific amount, as well. (Many folks tip our dialy drivers that pick you up in Anchorage on day one for a specific tip as well (but this is again, only so you know what is common.)

Again, the above is all a guideline for your information only. No one will reach out a hand during your trip - tips are completely at your discretion, and some guests choose to tip far above the recommended guided lines above and some below- In the end it is your decision. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Return To Anchorage
Commuter Air or Floatplane

Returning to Anchorage: is not included in overnight packages (except BearCamp® only trips).

If you drove in, reverse the process! Plan on 135 miles or 2.5 - 3 hours to get back to Anchorage.

Commuter air from Anchorage: ($175.00 per person) After checkout at 2:00, a Great Alaska driver will shuttle you to the Kenai airport for the 25 minute commuter air back to Anchorage - 25 minute flight, arriving Anchoroage from 4:00 - 5:00 each day typically.

Floatplane direct from lodge: ($250.00 per person) Or, opt for a float plane to pick you up right at the lodge and take off from the Kenai River, delivering you to Anchorage in about half an hour. Schedule varies daily but arrive Anchorage about 3:00 to 5:00

Fishing License info
get your licenses online

Fishing licenses and information are available online here. Prices as of 2017 averaged about 15.00 per day plus about plus 20 a day for King Salmon Stamp (requried to fish King Salmon. If you don't fish for kings you are not required to have one. If you are in a boat where Kings will be fished, you will be required to have one.

PLEASE NOTE: King salmon stamps are only required if you will be targeting King Salmon during your stay with us. (Kings typically available June/July time frame on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, and in June/June offshore). Ask your adventure expert if you'll be targeting Kings during your stay. You cannot target kings without a valid stamp- they cannot be purchased after the fish is caught ! :)Alaska Fishing license prices change each year, however they are available at the lodge upon your arrival, but you buy them online here. Prices for 2017 as displayed on line as of when I type this are as follows: (Kids under 16 years of age, do not need to purchase a license- a free "harvest card" will be issued). If you are fishing after July 31, you will not require a king stamp.

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