Packing for your Trip to BearCamp

Packing for your Trip to BearCamp

Packing for your Trip to BearCamp

Bear Viewing Packing list

Bear Viewing Packing list
BearCamp® Planning:

If your trip includes an overnight at BearCamp®, be ready to check in with a day pack (35 liters or less) a good-sized water bottle (we have some for sale as well) ready to go, as your BearCamp® experience will typically be scheduled within the first few days of your trip (though not always). Maximum traveling gear for flights is 15 pounds per person - if you have extensive camera gear, let us know.

Be sure your pack or duffel (35 liters or less) has the following: limited non-scented personal toiletries, high quality and lightweight rain gear, extra socks and underwear, warm cap and binoculars, extra layers. For fall trips, gloves, hand warmers, and a down vest should be added to the items you are bringing. Occasionally, with flights in remote Alaska, weather can preclude a return flight to the lodge, meaning you have an unscheduled overnight at BearCamp®- while this is not typical, it's important to be be prepared! Extra socks and underwear are important. Avoid jeans and cotton as they get wet and stay wet. Finally, avoid brightly colored clothing - we recommend muted earth tones for outerwear.

Clothing list
Comfort is King!

  • Due to covid, be sure to bring your water bottle. We'll be using them at mealtime.
  • Breathable quick-drying "expedition" pants that zip off into shorts. (double duty). Avoid cotton jeans- not good when wet and they never dry.
  • Extra underwear and socks... (a fresh pair of socks and skivvies can sometimes brighten your whole day)
  • A full set of breathable long underwear.
  • Consider a 2nd, heavier pair of long underwear - for fall trips or folks sensitive to the cold. (They're a lifesaver on a cold fall morning, and take up almost no space in your pack).
  • Quality, breathable, raingear (top and bottom). Get the good stuff if you can.....don't scrimp!
  • Waterproof boots ("duck boots" rubber bottom, leather upper) are excellent in the boats. Lots of walking so make sure they are supportive, comfortable, and BROKEN IN!
  • A few lightweight t-shirts (preferably breathable/quick-drying not cotton)
  • A warm but lightweight fleece jacket or similar jacket
  • Great Alaska provides Crocs (slip-on shoes) to wear at camp so there is no need to bring a second pair of shoes.
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Bear Viewing Packing list

Other gear to consider without overpacking:

Sunglasses and retainer strap

Sunblock and lip balm

Insect repellent and a cheap head Net

Personal first aid kit

Motion Sickness Pills

A handful of Ziploc plastic bags (or an actual dry bag or two- they come in many sizes) for keeping items dry

Waterproof Digital Camera w/ extra battery or memory cards

Small pair of waterproof binoculars - the best you can afford!

Earplugs for any travel partners who may snore!

3 hats: a Billed cap/a stocking cap and a rain hat (or be sure you have a hood on your rain gear!)

Extra camera batteries and memory cards

Bear Viewing Packing list

That is it- if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the office. Remember - don’t let any of this stress you out. If you have questions, call our office- we’ll make it simple. If you get caught without, we'll help you out.

Please Note: BearCamp® is in a rugged and beautiful part of Alaska- between Illiamna Volcano and the Cook Inlet. This unique and rugged and beautiful part of Alaska can experience strong weather, and like all fixed-wing plane trips into the Alaskan Wilderness, flights can be delayed, rescheduled, or even canceled due to those conditions. Those changes can be last minute due to their very nature, and Great Alaska and the flight service we use will only fly when conditions safely allow it.

Great Alaska highly recommends a "buffer day" after your BearCamp® experience with no trip-critical experiences (like a flight home or cruise south). In other words, lodging only somewhere not far from Great Alaska's main lodge. That way, if your flight out of BearCamp® is delayed by a day or two, you can enjoy the extra night(s) at BearCamp® without the stress of having to rearrange your trip. Ask our Adventure Experts for more information. Our extended itineraries have that feature built-in.

We’ll see you in Alaska soon!

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