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The Photographers

The Photographers

The Photographers

The Photographers

The Photographers

Photo credits Page - Great Alaska Adventures

Photo credits Page - Great Alaska Adventures
Thanks to all our great photographers and guests

This site would not have been possible (or at least not nearly as fun!) without all the amazing photographers who donated their amazing images. More information is coming soon on the amazing photographers whose work has helped make this site what it is. In the meantime, thanks to the following:

Cathy Hart - National Park Photo Safari trip leader and owner of Cathy Hart Photography

Ossian Lindholm - Pro photographer and trip leader for Travel Vision Journeys

Dante Raul Apaza - Trip guest and Pro Photographer

Julie Jesson - Alaskan, trip leader Great Alaska Adventures and Pro photographer - Blue Iris Images

Christopher Ang - Trip guest and pro photographer - instagram: @chrisangphoto - website: Chris Ang Photo

Lauren Hefferon - Owner Ciclismo Classico - Immersive, world-class Bike and photo trips

Marc Holzapfel - Past guest - Alaska BearCamp

Ole Roenningen- Many times past guest - Great Alaska BearCamp

Caprice Stoner - Manager - Great Alaska BearCamp and resident bear whisperer)

Kent John, Laurence John, Deb John, Julie Gorset - Owners

Darahn Hicks - Great Alaska Safari guide / Videographer

Greta Starrett - Great Alaska staff photographer - Greta Starrett Photography

Connor Murphy - Steve Fickes, Andrew Holt, Ed O'connor, - Current and Great Alaska guides/staff

Thanks to you all!

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