After Dinner, keep the adventure going

Evening Activities

Evening Activities
"Nearly World Famous" happy hour

All overnight packages include a 15.00 per person "Resort Fee" for each day at the lodge (no charge on departure days). That small fee provides the following services: each evening, as the boats return from the rIvers and saltwater and the guests return from their various mix of activities the staff in the kitchen is busy readying a wonderful dinner. Our "nearly world famous" family-friendly happy hour kicks off the festivities at 7:00 PM where guides, managers and guests all gather to discuss the exciting events of the day.

More than just pre-dinner drinks (alcoholic or non), it's a great spread of appetizers to start your meal, Happy Hour is your chance to meet with your guide for the day and share pictures, or meet your guide for tomorrow and discuss the style of fishing you prefer or even get fitted for waders if you are wade fishing for trout or steelhead on your experience tomorrow. Wildlife and sightseeing guests will learn about the next days' destination as well as gear tips, how to dress, etc. In the nearly thirty years of providing these trips, this event has carved out a special place of importance for our first time and returning guests.

While we share the day, the management will coordinate all the comings and goings for the following day. During happy hour in the Adventurer's Lounge, both Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are provided (all happy hour drinks included in your package - specialty drinks or pre/post happy hour drinks available ad an additional fee) as well as tasty appetizers to get your palate ready for the evening's dinner.

But there's more...

Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddleboarding! We are blessed to be at the confluence of the Moose and Kenai rivers...and while the Kenai is a fast flowing, rocky and glacial stream, the Moose River is a slow, meandering gem of a stream that seldom reaches 6 foot in depth or less than 60 degrees in temperature during the summer. This, along with the abundant grasses that grow along it's banks and bottom, create fantastic habitat for giant Moose, Tundra Swans (which nest during April and May) wood ducks, beaver, Lynx and more. We keep safe and stable canoes and flat water Kayaks on the beach for your use, so photographers and nature lovers may paddle up the river to view the display. Hearty paddlers may make it 3 miles upstream to our permanent tent camp to stretch their legs and view the river from the high bank at the camp.

Evening Activities Silver Salmon on Beach Release

Salmon fishing by the fire
On the Kenai's best beach

Our fishing right in front of your cabins is truly legendary, and the finest stretch of shore fishing on the world famous Kenai River. Each night after happy our and dinner, we'll have a fire down on the beach and it's the perfect place to "gather on the river" as the sun almost goes down! 4 or the 5 pacific salmon all travel past our beach every summer and the fishing is truly epic. Staff will help you with gear, clean your fish if you are able to take one or two home and those who don't want to fish can simply soak in the vibe of our Alaskan Summer.