A unique and accessible marine Park

A unique and accessible marine Park

A unique and accessible marine Park

A unique and accessible marine Park

Kachemak Bay State Park


Alaska's first state park, and only wilderness park, Kachemak Bay State Park is made up of 400,000 acres. The terrain in the park is a mix of mountains, glaciers and forests, all reaching down to the sea. Accessible by air and boat, the park is only a short flight or boat ride from the "end of the road" - Homer Alaska.

The amazing beauty of the region (like so many of the nearby Kenai Peninsula) offers incredible scenery, and is a one of kind backdrop for fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, camping and mountain sports.

Peterson Bay - Home for the Alaskan Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, a great place to check out tide pools and sea life.

Halibut Cove: The lagoon is home to many sea mammals including harbor porpoises, harbor seals, sea otters and land otters. This is a tidal lagoon and the tides are extreme. Although the waters are placid, the channel feeding the lagoon can be very dramatic when the tide rages in and out. If you are kayaking this channel, it is recommended that you have white water and cold water experience. The ranger station is located at the head of the lagoon and offers a public dock and public use cabins.

Sadie Cove - One of our favorite clamming spots! Sadie Peak is the highest peak in the area, and the incredibly clear water makes this one of our favorite clamming spots! Wildlife is everywhere. Mountain goats, Sea Otter, numerous sea birds abound. This bay is very deep and there is little tidal current. Check your weather. Occasionally the “Sadie Eighties” blow in the summer creating severe wind gusts - I can tell you that from personal experience!.

Halibut Cove - a one of a kind wilderness community built on piers housing an eclectic mix of artists, commercial fishermen and the famous "Saltery" restaurant.


Great Alaska Involvement

Great Alaska does not offer many activities in the park - in the past we offered day trip kayaking in Peterson bay, but currently offering day trips to Halibut Cove or day trip kayaking as part of custom itineraries.

In Closing

While Great Alaska has limited activities in the park, it is an amazing area and just one of the incredibly scenic, accessible and wild places on the amazing Kenai.

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