Explore the Chugach National Forest

Explore the Chugach National Forest

Explore the Chugach National Forest

Explore the Chugach National Forest

Explore the Chugach National Forest

Chugach National Forest


The Chugach National Forest is a 6.9-million acre Fun Box of outdoor adventure and scenic beauty. Along with the Kenai River Special Managment Area, the Kenai National WIldlife Refuge (KNWR) and Lake Clark National Park, forms one of the "backbone" parks for Great Alaska Adventures. Management of the Forest is divided into three separate Ranger Districts (Glacier, Seward, and Cordova) because the Forest is so large and so full of mountains, glaciers, wildlife and waterways. It was established in 1907, and remains mostly roadless and without improved trails.

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Skilak Sunrise


The Chugach region was settled by Natives thousands of years ago, by both transient groups and permanent residents who moved from area to area following food and other resources. Captain Cook visited and documented the area in the mid-1700's, and Russian fur traders harvested too many sea otters all along the North Pacific coastline until Alaska was sold to the USA in 1867. The Chugach National Forest was established in 1907.

Great Alaska Involvement

Great Alaska is a permitted Operator in the Chugach National Forest, and the importance of that relationship goes even beyond that. Chugach Forest lands are located upstream of the main Lodge, in the headwaters of the Kenai River and the headwaters of the Swan Lake Canoe Route and Swanson River Canoe Trail. So the influence of the Chugach literally flows through everything we do. Our guests chase the salmon runs, stalk the trout filled waters, hike the Chugach trails, bike the paved and unpaved routes, view the spawning salmon, and photograph the wildlife. We Hike, Raft, Mountain Bike, Zipline and tour the forest and have been for nearly 40 years.

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In Closing

The US Forest Service slogan on the signs say "Land of many uses". In practice the main use of Chugach National Forest lands is recreation and tourism. What this means for travelers is that you will see less development and more pristine lands and intact habitat. One aspect of this is that access to vast areas of the Forest are relatively limited. The upside for travelers is that Forest Service infrastructure investments are geared toward recreation. Great Alaska takes advantage of these strategic recreation facilities in this wonderfully huge and one of a kind National Forest.

Frequently Asked Questions

​What are the peak activities in Chugach National Forest?

There are more activities in the chugach than there is space for this response, but here are some of our favorites: Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing, Sockeye Salmon and Silver salmon fishing, scenic Bald Eagle and wildlife rafting, wildlife viewing, world class hiking to glaciers and alpine meadows, to platforms to view spawning salmon, mountain bike riding. It's all good in the Chugach!