Great Alaska Adventures 2020 update

A difficult decision...

Dear Adventurers,

38 years ago, Great Alaska Adventures was founded on one guiding principle: to safely provide our guests with the Adventure of a lifetime. Varying fish runs, Alaskan weather, and extreme tides - those are all in a day’s work. Our confidence and can-do attitude are borne out of a lifetime of experience doing exactly what we say we will do That said, with Covid-19, we have painfully concluded that the right thing to do is to be courageous enough to say that we don't know if we can keep our guests safe from Coronavirus this summer. With Covid-19, there are simply too many unknowns for us to feel confident enough to tell our staff and guests "We've got this".

I borrowed the following from another long time Alaska lodge owner that I respect - because I could not have said it better myself. (Thanks to Simon Hamm of Camp Denali/North Face lodge)

"With COVID-19, there is no safety net that is in our control. There is no level of staffing that can adequately rise to the occasion. There is no Plan B if it reaches our lodges...A pandemic is no place for unfounded optimism...

Great Alaska Adventures has had the good fortune to have shared over 3 decades of adventure with our guests. From our Adventure Lodge on the banks of the world-famous Kenai River to our wilderness BearCamp in Lake Clark National Park, we've welcomed folks from all over the globe to experience and celebrate the natural world. Resident bald eagles swooping overhead; teeming runs of salmon crowding the Kenai; Humpback Whales breaching above the icy waters of Resurrection Bay and giant Coastal Brown bears ambling through the sedge grass. All of this is defines ot just what we do, but who we are.

There is nothing we want more than to share it with you, the adventurers who come north for an experience unmatched anywhere else in the world. However after months of planning, re-planning, and adapting, we have come to the profoundly disappointing conclusion that we cannot operate our trips for the 2020 season. Absolutely nothing is as important as our guest's and staff's safety, and that is what has driven this decision.

Our trips are simply not like other trips. We offer an intimate, in-depth, one-on-one kind of adventure. Every morning, our guests are greeted with a hot cup of coffee at their cabin door. Our typical group size is 4 to 8 and we travel in small planes and move in nimble sightseeing vehicles. We raft whitewater in dry suits shoulder to shoulder, and gather around the fire at night, catching salmon or paddling Kayaks up the Moose River. The intimacy and closeness of our adventures are two of the very things that make us special - but in this case they are also problematic when trying to avoid coronavirus.

Our guests have been remarkable in this unprecedented time, and now as we are forced to make this difficult decision, we are incredibly grateful for your continued support and thankful for each of you who has already moved your trip to 2021. Please check our current Covid-19 information page for the latest information or call us at 866 411 BEAR (2327) or email us at to reschedule your trip or to answer any questions you may have.

You can count on us to be there next year when you are ready to begin your 2021 trip of a lifetime. We hope with all our hearts that all will go well as folks travel from all over the world gather in Alaska this summer. In the end, we were just not ready to risk our clients and staff's safety on that bet, and we hope our guests understand. We are already looking forward to an epic 2021 season.

In the meantime, keep dreaming of the North, and better times to come, and know when you are ready for Alaska, we'll be here.

Yours in Adventure,

Kent L John

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