What to know before you go!

What to know before you go!

What to know before you go!

What to know before you go!

What to know before you go!

Frequently Asked Alaska Fishing Questions
3 decades of local knowledge

What type of fishing trips do you offer?

Great Alaska Adventure Lodge offers a wide range of options and a renowned level of variety with our Alaska Lodge Fishing Package.

Here is a brief listing of the types of trips available to you when staying with us. (Please remember, that all options are available seasonally and timing is all. As in life, nothing is guaranteed- but our 2 home rivers and 2 salt locations make for an incredibly reliable number of options for most trips. Please see our availability chart for the species that will likely be available during your trip - or, we would be thrilled to talk to you about all of the above over the phone, and about what is likely to be available during the time frame YOU are considering. Please contact our office today at 866-411-2327 to talk about it.

Some of the fishing you may be doing:

  • Power & drift boat fishing for King, Silver, Red and Pink Salmon
  • Drift boats and wading for trophy Rainbows and Char and all species of salmon
  • Wade fishing excursions(fly or spin) for Steelhead, Rainbow, Salmon, Char, and Grayling
  • Offshore halibut, King and Silver Salmon in 2 separate saltwater locations
  • Saltwater Kings and Silvers in two separate locations
  • Evening Fly Casting lessons, "salmon fishing by the fire", evening canoeing, paddleboarding and more- included!
  • Remote fly out fishing for Salmon, trout and High Lake Grayling.
  • Nightly evening "salmon fishing by the fire"
  • Hike-in fly casting for high mountain Grayling
When is the best time to go?

What time is best? That depends upon the species you target, the fishing style you prefer (troll, drift or flyfish) and of course most importantly, the time of year you select. Please contact our office today at 866-411-2327 if you'd like to discuss the various seasons and what fish are most likely to be available during your time frame. Please do remember that all times are generalizations created from over 35 plus years of fishing our own amazing home waters, and each season brings it's own unique timing. Please see our Seasonal Calendar to see what should be running during your trip to Great Alaska!

Can I take the fish I catch home?

While Great Alaska Adventure Lodge guides release all native Trout, Char and Steelhead species, and we encourage sustainable harvest levels for all salmon (Limit your kill- don't kill your limit!), there is no doubt that keeping and bringing home salmon and Halibut to share with friends and family is an integral part of the Alaska fishing experience for many of our guests. Here is some information about our salmon and Halibut processing. All fish retained are filleted, wrapped and frozen as part of the package price. You may choose to have the fish boxed and taken with you as an extra piece of luggage (all included) or you may choose, as most of our guests do, some additional processing. Broiled Wild Halibut The most popular choice is to have the fish vacuum sealed and frozen, and then pick it up on your way back to Anchorage. This allows you to avoid the sometimes onerous overnight shipping expense, but still have the fish professionally processed.

Read more about processing your catch here

Why do we Catch and Release for Kenai Kings?

Great Alaska Adventures is committed to a sustainable harvest for any sport fishing endeavor. In keeping with that ethos, in 2018 Great Alaska Adventures took the step of going catch and release for all Kenai River Kings going forward, for all of our clients and staff. The health of the Kenai King salmon runs have been of major concern for decades, and while we have had good results as well as bad, overall the numbers have been very concerning. It is hard to see things changing without something else changing. It doesn't take too much tea reading to know that we need to do everything possible to help maintain this incredibly unique sub species of King Salmon. As an operator, for Great Alaska Adventures, our single surest way to help is to stop harvesting the fish. We do this beliveing the unsurpassed value of the fish alive far and away outweighs the value once it is dead.

We don't make that determination lightly, but we do it with a solemn belief that we can save the Kenai River Kings, and ensure that they are here for our childrens children. We ask that our guests embrace that philosophy with us. If that is a problem for you, then perhaps you'd like to consider our great Silver Salmon and trophy trout fishing in August and September!

We do enthusiastically harvest sustainable and healthy populations of Halibut and Cod, and Sockeye, Silver and Pink Salmon. Wild Alaska seafood is after all, the ultimate protien: wildlly organic, truly free range and really good-for-you. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Do I need an Alaska fishing license?

Fishing licenses are required for all anglers age 17 and over. Those 16 years and under can fish with a harvest card, which is no charge. Alaska Department of Fish and Game online license store. If would like information about licensing, we can make it easy- just call us at our office at 866.411.2327 and we'll make it easy.

You can quickly and easily purchase Alaska Sport Fishing Licenses online with a credit card, and print it out on your computer. You'll also receive a copy in the mail. Great Alaska Lodge Guests may also wait until you arrive at the lodge and purchase your license upon check-in. Get your license here.

Remember to keep your license with you at all times when on the water in Alaska- and know where your life jackets are or better yet wear them. Of course all kids under 14 must wear life jackets at all times!

Look above on this page to view our own Kenai Peninsula Sport Fishing Species Availabilty chart, or call our office to see what is likely to be hot during YOUR trip. Timing is everything in salmon and offshore fishing, and while the timing isn't always right for everyone, overtime, our professional guides make the most of every day. But that being said, it's comforting to know that the Kenai River and Kenai Peninsula has such an outstanding variety of species and fishing experience that you can almost always find some really outstanding fishing, no matter the conditions.

What type of boats will I use?

Since 1982, we have been guiding anglers and adventurers here, and we take pride in operating the very finest equipment to keep you safe and comfortable on our daily excursions. And of course the best equipment gives us an added edge in catching fish.

We use our 3 decades of local knowledge fishing and exploring the Kenai Peninsula plus our top notch support and guide team, and the best boats in the industry to ensure you have a safe, fun and comfortable Alaska fishing trip. For those that wonder about these kinds of things, here is some more information about our fleet:

Great Alaska Freshwater Boats
Willie Boats, Inc Predator - - Along with the drift boats, these are the backbone of our fishing program The Willy boats, Inc. Predator is the finest freshwater fishing platform in the world. We'll travel every legal mile of the Kenai (the upper refuge is drift only, as is below Skilak Lake at times) to target 4 species of Salmon (Kings, Silvers, Sockeye and Pinks)plus some of the finest trophy trout fishing on the planet. I've been 20 miles offshore in Cook Inlet my own boat, and in 6 foot Skilak Lake breakers (ask anyone who knows......some of the scariest waves of all....)

Willy Brand Drift Boats, Custom Welded Aluminum Drift boats - These are the boats that began it all for us..(that is, once we could afford the boats we really wanted!). These boats are a true marvel, as the strength, maneuverability and rock solid strength of these boats combine with the skill and knowledge of the guide to explore our rivers with aplomb. For those who appreciate fly fishing and coffee presses over $3.00 lattes, you will understand. These boats boast a lineage back to the very first aluminum welded boats, as Willy worked at Alumaweld when they pioneered the industry. In fact, we had one of those Willy-built drift boats, too! (it was called "Death from above"..LOL).

We also have a couple Fish RIte brrand flatbottom powerboat sleds as well. Fish Rite has been in the business nearly as long as the folks from Willie Boat and these two boats are testament to their boatbuilding skill.

Great Alaska Offshore Fishery boats
Alaska Offshore Fishing can be a harsh environment, and having equipment you can rely upon is critical. Here is a brief rundown on the boats Great Alaska uses to ply the beautiful waters of Resurrection Bay/Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet:

Glacier Craft Offshore Sport fisher -"The Fair Chase". Our long range specialist- the Glacier craft is created locally in Anchorage and is the finest welded aluminum offshore charter boat made. We'll explore Kenai Fjords National Park as we target Halibut, Cod, Rockfish and 3 species of Salmon. It's the perfect fast, safe and comfortable platform to enjoy this incredible fishery.

Motion Marine Custom Offshore - "The Stellar" ... our high speed Cook Inlet/Resurrection combo boat cruises at 36 knots, and spends the May, June and Mid-July time frame targeting Trophy Halibut and King Salmon in Cook Inlet (with it's incredible population of Halibut and "thrilling Beach Launch"- then moves to Seward to join the Fair Chase the third week of July as we leave the Seward harbor daily to access the incredible silver salmon fishery, plus of course Ling Cod, Halibut and even King Salmon that makes this the place to be, offshore.

Willy Boats finest Bay boat, The "Raptor" - is one of our favorite boats, the quick Raptor has loads of deck space and room for 5 fisherman. When the weather cooperates, it's a great platform for big Cook Inlet Halibut and Resurrection Bay Silver Salmon. This boat would be perfect fishing Snook and Tarpon in Costa Rica to Redfish and "Specks" in the mangroves of Mississippi and Florida. A great boat.

Equipment designed to Make your day better!
Our boats are designed and built with one purpose in mind...to help make your good day on the water better! If you have any questions about the boats, I highly recommend checking their websites out online if you are in the market for a durable, high performing boat that will not let you down.