Tarpon Fly Fishing
Tarpon Fly Fishing
Tarpon Fly Fishing
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Tarpon Release

Mexico Tarpon Fly Fishing...

Fly fishing in Mexico is some of the finest on the planet, headlined of course by the huge migratory Tarpon that travel along the island each summer...but there is much more to Holbox Flyfishing Lodge than just Flyfishing for Tarpon! 

In addition to being home to one of the world's truly great beaches (listed on a number of "top ten" "world's best beaches", Holbox I

Island boasts one of the planet's truly great sport fisheries for fly fishing Tarpon. At the very point of the Mexico's amazing Yucatan Peninsula, an incredible variety of fish travel from the open waters of the Caribbean Sea to the protected waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including the mighty Silver King.

During this migration, exceptionally large trophy Tarpon, up to 200 pounds, feed on the prolific baitfish located just offshore, making them prime targets for our fly and spin fishing enthusiasts. A short run from the lodge, two fishermen their guide will run along the shoreline while feeding fish and birds mark your passing. When the time is right, your guide will stop the boat and it's time to cast!  Working the schools, adjusting to the slow drift of the ocean, line maintenance and spotting your cast will be key to success. At other times when conditions are right, you may find yourself casting to groups of literally hundred of one of the world's truly great game fish, and then it's simply a matter of "get it out there and hang on!

Fly gear and Tackle.....

When it comes to flycasting for giant tarpon, the reel must be a high quality affair, as the stress is enormous.  A well chosen fly rod needs power to set the hook, but be able to cast comfortably (ie higher modulus graphite versions).  Choose a 12 or 13-weight, but make sure the rod has enough oomph! Tarpon can be stalked with a floating or intermediate sinking line. To take Baby Tarpon on fly tackle, just scale down to an 8 or 9-weight outfit and use correspondingly smaller flies, including shrimp and crab patterns.
Please inquire about our in depth equipment list for fly fishing.

All Tarpon are ReleasedReleased to fight another day.....

This is a very special fishery, and just as in Costa Rica, we release all Tarpon to fight another day.  A few of the smaller species may be occasionally retained to create Luciano's famous Ceviche, but other than that catch and release is the order of the day.