This week at Bearcamp
This week at Bearcamp
This week at Bearcamp
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FISH ON!!!!!!!!
After a day of guided fishing with Jesse, my son, NIck, and a few other...
- Patty Fortner
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This blog is no longer active - but enjoy! 

Well, we have reached the end of the season at Bearcamp!  The staff is putting the tents away and buttoning up all the gear.  We have one more group flying out to beautiful Chinitna bay to view the bears and that will be it.

The bears have been focused on the Pink and Chum salmon that have been entering the stream below our viewing platform and the last guests have been treated to some great viewing.  Weather has been pretty rough for the past few weeks for all the outcamps, and the water level is dropping like a stone back at the main lodge on our home river, the Kenai.

In addition to bringing all the gear back to the main lodge, the kitchen will be buttoned up tight and the camp will be readied for a long winter in the bush.  The staff will be returning over the next few days before heading out to their own destination for the winter.  We have a fresh dusting of snow on the mountains, and winter is already fast approaching.................

 I'd liie to take this moment to thank all of our guests who enjoyed the camp so much this summer, and a big shout out to the staff that made sure they were safe, happy and learned so much about the bears during their stay.



Redoubt volcano has continued to steam away during the course of the summer, but has not affected our staff, guests or bears in any substantial way-  in fact it provided a great view of an active volcano and the opportunity to discus Alaska's place in the pacific "Ring of Fire".

Thanks again to everyone involved...we'll look forward to seeing you again at Great Alaska Adventure Lodge!


Hi everyone!  It's been a beautiful first week of operations hear at Bearcamp in Chinitna Bay.  The bear population has been steadily growing with each passing day.  A few nights ago, we counted 46 bears spread over th emiles of saltgrass meadows!

There are several sows with their young cubs frequenting the meadow.  We are in the midlst of bear mating season so nature is in full bloom, and some of the really large boars have been a reall treat to see.   This time of year the bears will be feeding primarily on the saltgrass and sedges and other local flora that the area is famous for.  This make for great opportunities to see large numbers of bears, and especially sows and their cubs. 

The camp is up and running and we've already had guests from R.E.I., Adventure women and our next group comes from London!  We hope you'll be able to join us soon!





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