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FANTASTIC Photo Safari
We went on a photo safari through Great Alaska for our 10 year anniversary....
- Heather Smith
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The Team at Great Alaska Adventures

Great Alaska Int.Adventure Vacations was founded 30 years ago by Laurence and Kent John and Kathy Haley, who listened to the beat of a slightly different drummer and strayed from the usual path. After a decade of creating and operating recreational resorts on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State and Vancouver Island, Canada, they were hit with the travel bug and traveled north to Alaska, and that was the the beginning of their love affair with combining sport fishing and Alaska adventure. During those early years they formulated several concepts that to this day are the guiding principals of how we serve our anglers and adventure travelers.

LJ on Beach

Laurence John- Principal & Founder

L.J. has been exploring his entire life. Born in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, he left in his teens for a full scholarship to play hockey for Denver University, then continued on to Los Angeles to work with Hughes aircraft in the late fifties and eventually Zerox after his semi-pro hockey career ended with "old school" knee surgery.  His first taste of Alaska was a hunting trip in 1969 with his Zerox co workers, and "the Greatland" never left his mind.  As they say, "once you go to Alaska, you never go all the way back". He spend the next 10 years developing recreational properties on the Olympic peninsula, but Alaska never left his mind.  In 1981 he traveled back to Alaska for more property development and that is where he met his partner, Kathy Haley- Alaska native and the daughter of a famous Kenai Peninsula homesteader. The die was cast and Great Alaska Adventure Lodge was born.

Deb John is Laurence's partner in life and in travel, and has driven with him from Texas to Costa Rica, traveled the back country roads of the Yucatan peninsula and the even boated upriver in the darkest Amazon.  Lake many of us, Deb wears a few hats, and is the Great Alaska book keeper, and keeps us all on an even keel with both accounting and networking matters.  She's been an Alaskan for over 2 decades after hailing from Utah. 

Kathy Haley- Owner/homesteader Kathy Haley Kathy was raised at the current lodge site.  Her father, a famous Alaskan homesteader, flew survey flights for the U.S. Army and once the homesteader act was created, no one was in a better position to pick the very best spot on the Kenai!  It is from this location that Kathy grew up- eating wild moose and sheep, smoking salmon caught from the Kenai River, flying across Cook Inlet to dig for clams and set-netting off the mouth of the Anchor river.  Kathy now lives with her husband John and is the spiritual center for Great Alaska.  Along with working in the office during the summers and connecting with our guests,  she is a specialist teacher for dyslexic children and adults, and shares her incredible faith with the local community through her local church.  She also travels with her husband John to her "other family" in Waco, Texas every year.

Kent John Owner-Manager Kent John- Owner/General Manager

Kent traveled north to Alaska in his Senior year of high school to raise a little money for college at Washington Statue University.  While processing sockeye salmon on the Nushagak River, he fell in love with the state.  Following the long summer of fish processing, he spend a week on the Kenai with his father, and first fished the confluence of the Moose and Kenai rivers, where the lodge now sits.  Kent has now guided the Kenai river since 1984, and has trained and managed the guide staff for 20 years.  He multi-tasks by designing marketing strategy and website presence for Great Alaska- and he's written most of the copy that you read on the website. 

Ops Manager ShariShari. Operations manager  Shari is in her second stint with Great Alaska, and is in charge of all Safaris-based activities.  Shari spends her winters skiing in her beloved Idaho and loves all things wildlife and nature!  Shari is our safaris manager and will work with our kitchen, housekeeping and lodge team to make sure your time "off the water" is as enjoyable as your time on it. 

Chef Bobby

Bobbie C. - Executive Chef.  Bobby is looking forward to his 3rd year with Great Alaska, and no matter what activities you will be enjoying with us, you'll enjoy his amazing food. Bobby is originally a midwesterner, but has been a true world traveler of late, as he and his wife Star have gone from Florida to Kauai to Fiji to Cambodia, sampling the worlds Adventure and gastro-fun!    From the daily appetizers at happy hour, to the "Adventurer's lunch" to our amazing dinners, you are in for a treat.       


Andrew H. -Andrew Holt Sales  Andrew worked in Alaska with us for many years, but now focuses full time on sales duties.  When you call the office, he'll be one of the folks taking care of you!  Andrew also helps with graphics and artwork for Great Alaska our Great Alaska Adventures Brochure.   Andrew is one of the most versatile members of our team and in addition to his wide ranging talents in the office and in the field, he is the lead guitarist for the lodge's staff band, "Sockeye".

Steve F. - Freshwater fishing guide/Winter sales
Steve has been with us for more than two decades and is one of the finest guides in the state.  In addition to spending more than 10,000 hours  guiding guests on his beloved Kenai river, he'll happily share his knowledge of the run timing and fishing styles to help you plan your trip.  Actually, he'll happily share  his knowledge on a giant variety of topics!  Of course after more than 2 decades living and exploring on the Kenai Peninsula, he is expert in all things Alaska, and is equally at home planning your fishing trip, or your National Park safari or Kenai Multi- sport.
Johnny Hawes

Johnny H. -   Lead Safaris Guide

Johnny is our lead Safaris guide and trainer for all things safaris.   If your trips includes a trip to Denali National Park, a tour to the "end of the road" in Homer or a hike out over the incredible Harding Ice field, you are likely to cross paths with Johnny.   Johnny heads up a truly stellar cast of guides for our non fishing adventures.

Caprice Stoner - BearcampCaprice S. - Bearcamp Mgr.  If you are fortunate enough to have BearCamp on your itinerary, you'll learn about the incredible animals from Caprice Stoner who is in her fourth year sharing the meadow with the amazing animals. Matt stays at BearCamp® all summer long and is one of the most experienced bear guides in Alaska.  Caprice, in addition to guiding and Managing the BearCamp experience, runs many of our Kenai Peninsula and Denali National Park safaris.  They are both a great asset to Great Alaska Adventure Lodge.

Great Alaska Guide StaffOur Alaska Sport Fishing and Safaris staff is the finest in the state, and we invite you to get to know them soon.