Great Alaska Adventure Blog 9.13.2012
Great Alaska Adventure Blog 9.13.2012
Great Alaska Adventure Blog 9.13.2012
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2012 Alaska Fishing Report

Lox in the Box!Sockeye Salmon  -  2012 will go down in the books as the “year of the Sockeye”!  All time records were broken by the horde of sockeye entering the river- over 200,000 fish in a single 24 hour period! Our guests enjoyed the increased 6 per person limit all the way into early August with long time Great Alaska guests Howard and Nina Ewart tellilng us it was the best sockeye salmon fishing they had seen in over 20 years of visits to Great Alaska Adventure lodge.  The the Woodworth (steve and daughter Heather) family managed a sockeye limit 8 days in a row in under 90 minutes per trip.  That's a lot of Sockeye!  Thanks to the Mark and Amanda, Howard and Nina, the Pyles, the Bonathans,  and all of our other returning guests this year.


King Salmon King Salmon  -  King salmon were another story this summer… a summer that saw two separate closures, one in June and one in July.  Low numbers of returning fish prompted the closures and we are keeping our fingers crossed for next season.  The last few weeks have seen a number of King hookups while we are fishing for trout and Silvers, so we are at least seeing good spawning activity, which gives us hope that the closures protected the fish enough to provide for some a return 4 and 5 years from now.  Even during such a difficult year, we caught and released a number of fine fish, and had one of our better years on the beach, with lots of hookups and quite a few taken and on fly and spinning tackle (and all released- prior to closure and after!). 

Big Cook Inlet HalibutOffshore fishing- was one of our best years ever, with the Stellar and Fair Chase both bringing back limits nearly daily.  Weather was a non factor for most of the season , which started strong in Cook Inlet with insane numbers of fish charter after charter.  Average size of the fish grew as we got into later June and July and we moved the Stellar from Cook Inlet to our slip in Seward on the and by the time we started fishing out of Resurrection bay we were getting into good numbers of King Salmon, Halibut and cod.  The ling cod and Yelloweye rockfish were great along with some good black bass fishing as well.   

Trophy Rainbow TroutRainbow trout - has again been very good, with large fish and lots of them.  A few days of muddy water cost us good fishing in August, however September has seen good water levels and lots of food available for the 'Bows.  The fish have been on the move all year, with our guides fishing different stretched of the Kenai river daily to try to track down the really large fish that our guests love!  The anadromous cousin of the wild rainbow trout is the wily Steelhead (which does not run in the Kenai).  Steelhead fishing in 2012 has been the best we've seen in a number of years, as the fish were early in the rivers early, and the water levels have been moderately stable.  Like the trout, all steelhead are released to complete the spawning process.

Large Pink SalmonPink Salmon – One seriously underappreciated species, the Kenai river Pink salmon run started slow this year- we generally have them in big numbers by the 2nd or 3rd or August (even years only, remember!) but they hit the river this year around the 9th or 10th.  While our more serious fishermen focus on the silvers and try to avoid the pinks, our beginning fishermen and family groups absolutely loved the pinks..of course catching Silvers, Sockeye and Halibut as well helps to appreciate the pinks for just plain “putting a bend in the rods!”.  the high boat for the year was Jeremy, with one family landing over 150 pinks in a single charter.  Their guide slept well that night!

Well that is it for the 2012 Great Alaska Adventure Lodge Fishing season report.  Come join us next year to be a part of the story!    Kent