Processing your catch
Processing your catch
Processing your catch
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Dad's always last to limit!
It seems like Dad is always the last to catch a fish, the last to limit, etc...and...
- Steve Woodworth
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        Processing your catch

Broiled Citrus Salmon  Wild Alaska Salmon & Halibut   

While Great Alaska Adventure Lodge guides release all native Trout, Char and Steelhead species, (and we encourage sustainable harvest levels for all salmon (Limit your catch- don't kill your limit!) there is no doubt that keeping and bringing home salmon and Halibut to share with friends and family is an integral part of the Alaska fishing experience.  Here is some information about our salmon and Halibut processing.  All fish retained are filleted, wrapped and frozen as part of the package price.  You may choose to have the fish boxed and taken with you as an extra piece of luggage (all included) or you may choose, as most of our guests do, some additional processing. Broiled Wild Halibut The most popular choice is to have the fish vacuum sealed and frozen, and then pick it up on your way back to Anchorage.  This allows you to avoid the sometimes onerous overnight shipping expense, but still have the fish professionally processed.  Also popular is to simply elect to have the fish shipped home following your return home..our processor will hold the fish for up to two weeks and then ship it out to the address you provide- this is the most expensive choice and most convenient choice as it avoids extra bag fees from the  airlines as well as schlepping the fish through the airport on the way home, but the prices are rising each year from the shipping companies (see below).  It also allows you time to have the freezer space ready to go and receive your fish frozen, ready to put in the freezer when you are comfortably back home. Please note that if you choose additional processing, you'll have to pay for the boxing fee (about 25.00) as it has to be done by the processor at that pointHere is more information on your choices for additional processing of your catch:

For more than a decade, we have been using the most experienced local processor on the Kenai Peninsula, Ed's Kasilof Seafood's.  (some text and images courtesy of Ed's Kasilof Seafoods:)

Filleting, Vacuum Sealing, and Freezing:(all prices are subject to change)

Frozen Vacuum Sealed FilletsAll fish are filleted by your guide as part of the package price.  Once the fish are filleted by your guide, the fish are bagged and put on ice.  In the evening, the fish are then transported to the processor for vacuum sealing and flash freezing.This process of packaging and flash freezing into manageable size packages (about 1-2 lb.) takes us about 12 - 24 hours to return your catch back to you.  Vacuum sealing provides maximum protection against freezer burn. Then we flash freeze it at -40 F. for approximately 4 hours. Finished weight from a whole fish is approximately 50% for fillets, and 65% for steaks. Vacuum packaged seafood if stored refrigerated and unopened, will last no more than 4-5 days; if it is stored frozen, you can expect about one year of shelf life.
Vacuum Packaged and Frozen……………………………....... …...............$1.35/lb.

Smoking your salmon

Smoked SalmonThis is a process of curing your Wild Salmon and Halibut in a salt and sugar brine. It is then smoked very gradually to an internal temperature of 145 F. This will yield approximately 40% from a whole fish, and about 80% from fillet form. We use alder chips to enhance the natural flavor of the salmon. The brine for curing contains salt, sugar, spices, and no preservatives. Once it is vacuum packaged into 6-8 oz packages, your product will require refrigeration of 38 F or below. You can expect to achieve about 30 days of shelf life while refrigerated and about 1 year of shelf life if kept frozen. All of this takes +/- 5 days to complete ....... $4.50/lb.

(Minimum of 10 pounds per order).  Remember that when at Great Alaska Adventure Lodge, you'll need to be staying for a minimum of 5 days AFTER YOU HAVE RETAINED YOUR FISH to get your order smoked, and have it back in time to pick it up on your way to the airport- otherwise you'll need to ship the fish home via one of our overnight shipping services.

Fish Shipping

Rates for shipping overnight are rising every year, and because of that we recommend taking the fish home with you as an extra piece of luggage if possible, however for your information and for planning purposes, here here is a typical 2013 rate for Federal Express:   

Currently, a 50 pound box of Salmon and Halibut shipped overnight from our lodge to New York City is from $200.00 to almost 300.00 for overnight options.  We recommend bringing it back with you on the plane as a piece of luggage for the best value.  If you have any questions about the above information, please contact Great Alaska Adventure Lodge on our toll free line at 800 544 2261 or by email at

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