Fishing Trips from Anchorage
Fishing Trips from Anchorage
Fishing Trips from Anchorage
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Dad's always last to limit!
It seems like Dad is always the last to catch a fish, the last to limit, etc...and...
- Steve Woodworth
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Fishing trips from Anchorage two big kings from the Kenai

We have been offering our now famous Anchorage fishing trips (with transfers) for nearly thirty years, and over 4000 guests have chosen Great Alaska Adventure Lodge to add a day of fishing on the famous Kenai River to their inside passage Cruise or independent tour of Alaska.  Finding fishing trips from Anchorage often mean a 500.00 or 600.00 fly out experience...great for some folks but not the right fit for everyone.  Many folks who met us this way have gone on to book extended stays in following years, so if all you have is a day...give us a chance!  All guides have completed a Kenai River guide training course, are current in first aid and CPR and operate our custom power and drift boats specifically designed for our home river.  Personal attention and service is our priority, along with of course getting you into some great fishing!  Here is a link to our one day Fishing Trip from Anchorage.

Regulation note:  The Kenai River has been closed to King Salmon fishing for May and June, 2015 so our 1 day fishing trips will target our great Trophy Rainbow Trout or Sockeye Salmon (whichever is more abundant).  Great Alaska always reserves the right to choose the species targeted on our great one day fishing from Anchorage package.

SEASONS AND CLOSURES:    June and July generally focus on the world famous Kenai King salmon (the word's largest salmon) with August and September featuring feisty Silver Salmon and/or Rainbow Trout.  (All single day trips are a "catch of the day" scenario...the species you will be targeting will depend upon river conditions and your guides discretion).  Please check our seasonal chart for the available species during your specific time frame.  Please keep in mind that much like our one day bear viewing, each and every day of the season is to itself unique.  Our large Kenai River King Salmon, in particular, are a trophy species and not everyone catches their trophy- however the beautiful round trip from Anchorage, along with time spent on this beautiful river make every trip a success.  If you have any questions about the type of fishing you will be experiencing, please contact our expert office staff today.  

More info and logistics about our Fishing trips from Anchorage:

Releasing a nice Kenai KingYour 350.00 One day fishing trip from Anchorage will feature a minimum of 4 hours with your guide, plus lunch and a single day fishing license.  King Salmon trips (July only) will also include a necessary single day King Salmon Stamp.  These trips will focus on the species most available at the time of the trip.  Your guide will explain your options in terms of target species.  On some days, our incredible trophy trout fishing will be a better option than the kings, and if that is the case we'll let you know during the orientation.  The trip is designed as a "guides choice" target, so if you are committed to a single species (Kings, for example) be sure and let our staff know that at the time of booking, and we'll let you know if that is possible on that day. 

Our trips   depart from Anchorage at between 7:30 and 8:00 am. A lunch is provided at the lodge, then you'll hit the river with one our excellent licensed guides.  At the end of your day of fishing, you'll return to the lodge and any fish you have chosen to retain will be fileted.  Boxes and gel packs are an additional charge, as are overnight shipping to your home.  Call our office for additional information regarding seasons, fish preparation and more.


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