Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge
Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge
Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge
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Magic on Isla Holbox
After much deliberation, our family chose magical Isla Holbox for our reunion. We...
- Kristin Hannah
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Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge

Holbox Flyfishing Lodge Room

Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge is our beautiful haven on the beach of Isla Holbox.  These trips have been honed via our 30 years operating Fishing and Adventure lodges in both Alaska and Costa Rica. Lodge Manager, Luciano, will mix your favorite drink while you settle into the lodge, and he explains in detail your schedule.  You'll learn about the destinations, weather factors, daily schedule wake ups and fishing guides, meals, happy hour & more.  We are glad to have you here!

On the Beach at Holbox fly fishing lodge

Your Home on the

sands of Holbox......

Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge sits directly on the beach, and you'll open your door and be steps from what you see at left:  only the talcum powder white sands beach of Isla Holbox.  It's a  pretty incredible place to simply hang out and swim in the Gulf of Mexico, (when you are not being terrorized by the giant Tarpon of Isla Holbox).

Dining in Holbox MexicoDining on your trip....

Dining is always an important part of any vacation and Holbox Island will not disappoint you. You will be able to watch the daily catch brought in to the beach. The Gulf of Mexico provides superb sea foods that are on the menu at the several nearby restaurants---lobster, shrimp, calamari and the freshest of fish. An Italian presence has been on the island for many years resulting in excellent European cuisine that provides the island's continental flare alongside the classic Mexican food. A continental breakfast at the lodge will begin each day and lunch is served on the boats on fishing days. Happy hour includes signature hors d'oeuvres and all other meals are on your own in the local restaurants a 5 minute walk from the lodge.

Luciano and LJA Managers personal care.....

We only care for 12 guests or fewer, so that we can focus personal and professional service on you. Your host will be your concierge, personal guide to Holbox Island, bartender, alarm clock, computer guru and world traveled story teller. He will also be your "go to" guy to solve any last minute fly fishing issues that always seem to pop up, and the "OPEN CERVEZA BAR" well stocked with your favorites.

Coffee to your door wake ups

Your day will start with a tap on the door and the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. Luciano can brew a wicked espresso for those of you that have the urge. For fishermen the day begins at 5 am, for adventure days and relaxing you will sleep in. Luciano will be throwing esspresso shots to help you get the engine turned over!

Trip Logistics.......

"Private van and boat transfers from Cancun--an open cerveza bar--coffee to your door wake ups---a golf cart for island exploration and afternoon flats fishing---rod racks and wash down station---complimentary happy hour and Cuban cigars---a fly tying bench---daily activities---signature happy hour hors d'oeuvres---Espresso ---wireless connections and phone communication at a nearby internet cafe--- and---most importantly--- a lodge manager dedicated to the complete success of your vacation."


Start with private pick up at your Cancun hotel or airport and transfer to the fishing village of Chiquila for your personal boat transfer to the beach in front of the lodge. Arrive by 12:00-2:00pm for airport pick up, otherwise we will pick you up by private van at your Cancun Hotel at 10:00 in the morning for the 3 plus hour transfer to the lodge, including the ferry to Isla Holbox Island.


A lodge experience is more than a hotel stay. it costs more and it includes more. Please read our GUEST PLEDGE" on the home page, that describes, in more detail, the following services you can expect while staying at Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge.

COMMUNICATIONS during your stay....

The lodge has WIFI, and there are numerous nearly internet cafes nearby, so connecting with the folks back home is not a problem.