Holbox fishing species
Holbox fishing species
Holbox fishing species
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Magic on Isla Holbox
After much deliberation, our family chose magical Isla Holbox for our reunion. We...
- Kristin Hannah
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Holbox Fishing species....

Holbox guided Fishing For those in the know, the waters of Isla Holbox are well known as a premier destination to target a fish of over the century mark.  The big fish migrate past the Island each summer, allowing us to target them in comfortable and quick pangas, like the one at right.  One of the things that makes this incredible Island unique, however, is it's Less well known inshore and mangrove sand flats fishing.  The supporting cast of species that an angler can experience while polling in the flats and lagoons is truly world class, headlined by the "Baby Tarpon" in the Mangroves.     


A Legendary variety of Species

"The Grand Slam" species are manifold..Baby Tarpon, Snook and Cobia, Jack Crevalle, Barracuda, and even the occasional marauding Permit all fall victim to our guests' well delivered flies, and when the water is calm the offshore Tarpon join in the fray.    We even occasionally  encounter Permit and Bonefish on the flats and Cobia, Snapper, Jacks, Grouper and Barracuda if you and your guide venture offshore.  Fly fishermen are conditioned to target the Tarpon (and who wouldn’t want the opportunity for such a trophy) but the spin fishermen and those looking for more action on the end of the line will appreciate the variety available. You might even try your hand at the age old "Hand Line" for Sea Tout no matter where you find the boat. Spin fishing is highly productive and generally produces fresh fish for the nightly Ceviche at Happy Hour.

Snook fihsing in MexicoSnook....

The Snook is the most popular "runner up" to the Baby Tarpon on Holbox, as it's a tenacious fighter, can be found in a number of different environments and is wonderful table fare when we occasionally keep a fish for the fresh Ceviche of happy hour.  Unlike the Giant Snook of our Costa Rica lodge, the average sizes range from the 3-5 pounder like you see at left, to a high of about 12 pounds.  The fish are beautiful, and can move into and out of the saltwater and brackish mangroves equally.  They feed voraciously on the crab and smaller bait fish, and are great for the smaller rods, punched into the shoreline.  Very similar to stripers of the east coast, both in appearance and personality. 

Nice Barracuda


The Barracuda is one of our favorite fly species.  Always an intimidating presence when diving, their dark eyes and mouthful of razor sharp teeth make no bones about it..this is a fish that is used to being at the top of the food chain!  When hooked, the fish are strong fighters and of course oftentimes swim away with your fly and the last few inches of leader as a memento..but when they are hooked outside in the lips they can provide a very memorable fight and photo.

Jack CrevalleJack Crevalle.

The Jack is the Rodney Dangerfield of the saltwater sport fishing world.  Numerous and anxious to take flies or lures, these hard pulling and beautiful fish will add variety to many days, and have been known to save the occasional slow day by putting some weight on the end of the line.  Size range from 1 to 20 pounds, with the larger fish being pretty spectacular.  the ubiquitous Jack may even end up on the plate occasionally in Luciano's famous Ceviche. Snapper

Snapper, Cobia and so much more....

There is not enough room to list all the species that our anglers run into fishing the mangroves and near shore of Isla Holbox.   Snapper, Cobia and various Grouper species all will take a fly on occasion, and we have even caught species that neither the guide had seen before and we have not found in our species books.  Especially when fishing near shore on the Mangrove entrances and pilings, these reef based fish will be picked up as they cruise by, on their way to who knows where....