Costa Rica Fly Fishing
Costa Rica Fly Fishing
Costa Rica Fly Fishing
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Heck of a Fight!
Excellent accommodations, food, and great fishing! Traveled to Costa Rica with my...
- Colin Juliette
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Costa Rica Fly Fishing

Here is a land of superlatives, and the Costa Rica fly fishing opportunities at Jungle Tarpon Lodge are no different. The combination of huge, hard fighting Tarpon on the fly, the world's largest Snook (the world record was caught right next to the lodge) and numerous smaller species make up a diverse fly fishing world to explore. Combined with the opportunity to add on 1 or 2 days of bill fishing on the Pacific side and experience the incredible flora and fauna of this amazing land and you have a definite "bucket list" item for the traveling fly angler.  Fly fishing for tarpon is truly the fight of a lifetime.

Trophy Tarpon

Some of the world's largest Tarpon call this area home, and the fishing has been on the rebound for that past few years, after a bit of a downturn in the mid and late '90's. Current catches of this amazing sport fish have been excellent for the past few years, with the '14 winter being one of our best on record. The big fish are spending more and more time in the freshwater, allowing our fly fishing guests to cast to rolling fish in a river environment, which makes for some of the most spectacular Tarpon on the fly fishing imaginable. Similar to our Mexico tarpon fishing, two guests will travel the winding rivers and lagoons in search of rolling fish.

Trophy Snook

In addition to the world class tarpon, for years the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has produced some of the world's largest Snook, with the current world record coming from the region near the lodge.  45 pound fish are still a reality, and there is no doubt that 50 pound fish are still swimming there as this is written. The really large Snook can be difficult to access with fly rods, with trolling large jointed plugs being the method of choice- that being said the big fish are aggressive feeders and many are caught offshore at the river mouth or while traveling the rivers and lagoons searching for Tarpon.  Snook are world renowned fighters, and have snapped leaders, rods, plugs and more, in addition to leaping into or over the the boat on one of there incredible head shaking runs. 

Calba Snook

In addition to the trophy Snook, the smaller Calba Snook make an annual migration through the are in June, July and August.  These smaller fish are aggressive biters and make for excellent fly fishing opportunities.  Averaging 4-8 pounds, they share the larger Common Snook's penchant for spectacular vertical fights and great runs on smaller tackle. These fish are excellent table fare and we'll often keep a fish or two for the dinner table that night!

Other species

In addition to the world renowned Tarpon and Snook, the waters around Jungle Tarpon Lodge feature numerous species that respond to a fly...Mojarra (a brim/Crappie cousin) and Guapote (a peacock Bass cousin).   The Mojarra live among the hyacinth and attack small poppers cast into the shoreline twitched back towards the boat.  6, or 7 weight rods with floating lines are perfect for the Guapote.  The Guapote, being a cousin to the aggressive and nearly mythical Peacock Bass of South America are tremendous fighters and worthy adversaries for a fly rod.  The Guapote take both surface poppers as well as baitfish imitations in the lagoons and channels of Tortugero National park and Jalova lagoon.