Costa Rica Snook fishing
Costa Rica Snook fishing
Costa Rica Snook fishing
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Jungle Paradise
Tarpon lodge was the most amazing trip of my life.To be able to "feel" the real jungle...
- Roman Brown
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Snook, Guapote, Tuna, etc.

The stories of Costa Rican Tarpon Fishing are historic.  For forty years, this Caribbean coast has been the place to hook trophy Tarpon...but while traveling anglers dream of them, there is much more to this incredible region than just the mighty "Silver King". 

A world class variety of species...

In addition to the fantastic trophy Tarpon fishing, the Caribbean shores of Costa Rica provide a great combination ofGiant Snook varied, smaller species in a number of exciting environments. Juvenile Tarpon spend much of their early years in the jungle, and we access these incredible fish with both fly and spinning rods.  Traveling the canals, rivers and lagoons with your guide, you and one other angler will look for rising fish or simply try likely spots that have produced fish in the past.  Casting is the method of choice, and the fights are legendary.  Many of the juvenile tarpon are 15 to 35 pounds, and have been described as "the perfect sport fish".  We practice catch and release on all Tarpon.

Calba Snook

In addition to the giant trophy snook, the smaller Calba Snook make an annual migration through the are in June, July and August.  These smaller fish are aggressive biters and make for excellent fly fishing opportunities.  Averaging 4-8 pounds, they share the larger Common snook's penchant for spectacular vertical fights and great runs on smaller tackle. These fish are excellent table fare and we'll often keep a fish or two for the dinner table that night.  As you can see they are also great for the kids- Lead guide and Manager Carlos and his son Josh here are showing off Josh's favorite species!


Guapote and Mojarra

In addition to the world renowned Tarpon and Snook, the waters around Jungle Tarpon Lodge feature numerous species that respond to a fly or spin cast popper... Mojarra (a brim/Crappie cousin) and Guapote (a peacock Bass cousin).   The Mojarra live among the hyacinth and attack small poppers cast into the shoreline twitched back towards the boat.  6, or 7 weight rods with floating lines are perfect for the Guapote.  The Guapote, being a cousin to the aggressive and nearly mythical Peacock Bass of South America are tremendous fighters and worthy adversaries for a fly rod.  The Guapote take both surface poppers as well as baitfish imitations in the lagoons and channels of Tortugero National park and Jalova lagoon. 

          Intertidal fishing

Finally, one of our favorite days fishing is from shore at the mouth of the river as we target essentiall any fish that may choose to strike!  Exotic catches from our past guests include Snook, Calba Snook, Tuna, Barracuda, large Tarpon, Jewfish and more. Again, both flyrods and spinning or baitcasting rods work well for this fishery.