Costa Rica Fishing
Costa Rica Fishing
Costa Rica Fishing
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Great Host
We had a great time fishing with Angelo and Carlos. They were great host...
- Bob Phillips
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Costa Rica Fishing at Jungle Tarpon Lodge

Big Costa Rica Tarpon

Costa Rica has been a legendary "bucket list" destination for both the Sport Fishermen and nature enthusiasts alike for generations.  Jungle Tarpon Lodge, sitting at the southern entrance to Tortuguero National Park, is the perfect location for folks who want to find out what both are all about.  Whether offshore intercepting schools of feeding Tarpon or casting poppers to feisty Guapote on an unnamed Jungle River, you will experience some of sport fishing’s most treasured experiences.  

In addition to the amazing offshore Tarpon fishing, Costa Rica has been made justly famous for its miles and miles of rivers, canals and lagoons that crisscross this jungle paradise provide an incredible variety of angling experience. You may target Snook or one of the many other small species available in Rio California and other secret lagoons within the jungle, cast from shore in the intertidal zone at the mouth of Barre Parismina (Parismina river) or troll exotic jointed plugs for trophy Snook at Jalova Lagoon. This kind of sport fishing rounds out an amazing week of trophy tarpon fishing, and many of our guests enjoy it nearly as much as the more famous tarpon fishing. We think you’ll enjoy this fishing enough to come back time and again... this is fishing that shouldn’t be missed! 

Costa Rica Tarpon to the boatGenerally fishing two per guide, you will experience true variety as you target fresh and saltwater Tarpon, Fresh and surf cast for intertidal Snook, Tarpon and More.  Under the canopy, try your hand at ultra light fishing for Mojarra (a crappie cousin) or Guapote, a relative of the infamous Peacock Bass.  Finally, trolling for giant Snook.  Every day will bring a new adventure in an incredible environment that seems to have sprung from your own imagination.  Each morning you'll hit the water just after breakfast with your guide and target one of the above species and locations..then return to the lodge for a wonderful "Tico" lunch for fresh fish or chicken, red beans and rice and some of our local fruits and vegetables (often grown right at the lodge). 

Surf Cast Costa Rica TarponAfter lunch (and perhaps a brief Siesta) it's time to head back out for more fishing.  Afternoons will generally bring some freshwater fishing for Snook, Calba Snook, Guapote or Mojarra...or you may choose to instead explore the jungle and photograph it's famous residents.  The bird life in Tortugero is justly famous, turtles nest on our very beach and green iguanas, sloths, crocodiles and even jaguars call the jungle home.  Huge ficus trees surround the river and vines, ivy and incredible exotic Forests of Cocobolo and beech remind you that you are in the true wilderness.  Perfect for couples or friends who want to share a sport fishing and nature trip or simply enjoy an variety of sport fishing experiences in a stunning natural environment.