Alaska Travel Stories

Best experience I ever had!

by Mark Reichel

Spent a little over 24 hours at bear camp with Caprice, Mike, Clint, Heidi and Scott. It was 4th of July. The camp is located on the most beautiful spot on earth. Your front faces the sun, the sea, the sand, and bears in the surf digging for clams. Behind the camp lies the world's most beautiful meadow; I thought it was Computer Generated Imagery it was so beautiful, unaware nature can be that stunning. Golden bears sitting amongst vibrant multi-colored grasses in a meadow with snow capped mountains behind, a blue stream right in front of your feet. the bears walk right by not concerned with your presence. The guides are teachers, and you''ll learn more in 24 hours of bear camp than you would obtaining a Master's in the subject of Brown Bears. The food is excellent, the company grand, the air flight spectacular. Nothing less than wonderful. It is so beautiful you will lose your faith in words.
Best experience I ever had!Best experience I ever had!