Alaska Travel Stories

Bear Camp August

by Ian and Kaye Young

From the moment we touched down on the beach at beautiful Chinitna Bay we knew we were in a special place. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the bears in their natural environment, seeing them play and go about their day foraging and fishing for Salmon. We were fortunate enough to see a Mama teaching her Cubs to fish for Salmon and numerous other bears fishing and fighting each other for each others catch. There were also a couple of close encounters of the Grizzly kind and we have a lot of photos to remember our time at Bear Camp. We would certainly recommend a trip to Bear Camp for anyone who has a love for the outdoors and these beautiful animals. The viewing is conducted in a safe and controlled manner and a special thanks to Caprice, Ben, Lilly and James for helping to make our stay at Bear Camp an experience to remember.
Bear Camp August Bear Camp August Bear Camp August