Alaska Travel Stories

OMG! what a great trip!


Great Alaska was recommended by a trusted friend/travel agent. In keeping to his usual standards, he did not disappoint! Rose and the staff are as genuinely warm and wonderful as one could ever expect. They are overtly committed to make sure that this is the destination we would remember time and time again.....and, would certainly come back to in the future. During our ride in from Anchorage, we saw a Moose with her twin calves--still wobbly on their gangly legs. While we didn't set any fish records, we definitely set records for our life-experiences! Eagles everywhere--breathtaking and awe inspiring for a couple of guys from the deep south! Fishing with Jeremy and Chase in both Cook's Inlet/Deep Creek was AMAZING! Dear GOD! the halibut were taking the bait as soon as it hit bottom., and yes, we soon reached our catch limit! The trip to Seward was equally as wonderful because we caught more fish, of course, ....again, with Jeremy and Chase. We also had the opportunity to see a colony of Sea Lions and to enjoy a 'chamber of commerce' day on calm seas in full sunshine. Jeremy and Chase make a great team, work well together, and are completely focused on everyone's safety. River fishing on the Kenai and Kasilof with Mark and Steve were great experiences as well. I had never seen a 5-6lb Rainbow Trout before---wow! he was just gorgeous. And, of course in addition to releasing him we also released a native King Salmon. We felt as though we had made some new friends in the lodge crew and hope to see them again. Departing the Lodge via Float plane was another TREAT! OMG! gorgeous day, spectacular scenery and an easy trip to the Anchorage Airport. Rose, Jack, Jeremy, Chase, Mark & Steve: you are wonderful hosts with a spectacular location. Best Regards,