Alaska Travel Stories

Our families best vacation YET!

by Rich Signorello

After spending a good part of my life as a Salmon, Trout and Steelhead fisherman, fishing the pacific northwest streams, rivers and and ocean I can honestely say that I have experienced the pinnicle of my fishing career. I don't know of anywhere where a person can catch 4 species of salmon in one day on this great planet. I spent my younger days as a deckhand on some of the party boats out of the San Francisco bay area and even guided the northern California and southwest Oregon area for Salmon and Steelhead trout. My experience this past week at the Great Alaske Adventure Lodge was by far the most complete and pampered fishing and outdoor adventures I and my family have ever experienced. The lodge and its wonderful staff met our every need from the time we planned and arrived to the sad day the float plane came to pick us up at the lodge beach. It truly was a bittersweet moment to leave with the staff waving good-bye as the float plane taxied and took off down river to take us back to Anchorage. I want to thank the lodge owners and their absolutely wonderful staff for making our vacation the best ever. Your guides were the best, with their knoweledge and professional attitudes. The bear camp experience was way more than I had ever expected or dreamed it could be, I feel that I now have a much better understanding of the famous Alaskan brown bear and its life cycle. The food and attention paid to every guest was incredible...the best bar-none. I can't Thank You enough.   Rich Signorello
Our families best vacation YET!Our families best vacation YET!Our families best vacation YET!Our families best vacation YET!