Alaska Travel Stories

Continuing Education Trips

by Dr. John Murphy

Ever since my first visit in 2002, I have been impressed with the quality at Great Alaska. That quality is why we are now in our eighth year of holding medical and pharmacy continuing education programs at the site. Though there are obviously many lodges in Alaska I could choose from to conduct the meetings, the outstanding service, lovely setting, and wonderful staff at Great Alaska keep me coming back. Of course the opportunity to spend time on the legendary Kenai Peninsula has plays in to our desire to return as well. The fishing for big rainbows, dollies, steelhead and salmon is amazing and the food is delicious (even if too much is available thus requiring a diet on return home). The chance to see brown bears, eagles, and moose in their natural settings is exhilarating while the nightly capping off of a day trading stories at happy hour with other guests round out the experience quite nicely. I have been to other more expensive lodges and not had nearly as much fun or caught as many great fish, so I consider the value for cost at Great Alaska to be very good. I plan on continuing to return for many years to come.
Continuing Education TripsContinuing Education Trips