Card Street Fire Report
Card Street Fire Report
Card Street Fire Report
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Fire ReportKenai Peninsula Fire Report- The fire is now under control, and has burned much of the troublesome fuel in the wilderness areas near homes and businesses. 

Here is the Final report regarding the Card Street Fire As of now,  the fire is totally under control, and it has burned much of the standing dead timber (from Spruce Bark Beetles) that puts us at risk in very warm summers, so the overall effect of the fire was to make our area safer to live and to visit for our guests.  It also provides a great talking point on our scenic floats or fishing trips when we travel near the areas where we can see the evidence of the burn.  A great learning moment for kids and adults alike!

6/27/2015 report:  this will be the last report, as the fire is under control, we have had our first rain and operations are all as per usual.  Thanks to the firefighters who gave their time and safety to keep all the local community safe and of course we here at Great Alaska.  While we were never directly threatened, it was a scary time for a few days!
As of 6.25.2015,
we are in full operations like any other year, and the fire has not impacted anyone's trip, and none of our guests have complained of issues with the smoke, which does tent to come and go based upon the wind.  The only impact so far was a Denali tour that had to be adjusted on the fly last week, when the Wasilla fire (250 miles away from us) jumped up and closed off the road to Denali National Park.    We are expecting all Denali trips from this point forward to go according to schedule, but we'll of course continue to monitor and keep you updated as best we can.  We do recommend that any soon - to -  be arriving guests with respiratory issues should please contact us.  Fire Images Slide Show.   

6/19 post:  For anyone checking this page with friends or family members that either are visiting us soon or working with us this summer, we have emergency policies in place for any evacuations that might occur (we are not anticipating that at this time, but have to be ready) and the fire is on the other side of the Moose River from us, so we have two excellent natural fire breaks protecting us, along with all the hard working forest service fire fighters.  The latest news as of 6.20 Fire continues into East into Kenai Nat. Wildlife Refuge  has the fire heading into the wildlife refuge, and no longer threatening homes or property.  Also, the temperature broke and dropped overnight so we are all cautiously optimistic.

KSRM Facebook page:  this is a local radio station that is updating their Facebook page regularly. 

US Forest Service fire activity report - this does not mention the Card Street Fire yet 

Here is a Facebook page created by members of the Kenai Peninsula.

Twitter account:  #cardstreetfire

6/17:  Wednesday report:  Alaska Dispatch News - Sterling residents wary as fire roars into wilderness

6/19:  Friday Report:  Peninsula Clarion News - Fire continues into East into Kenai Nat. Wildlife Refuge
(as of Saturday, June 20th, this report, the fire is headed into the wildlife refuge, where it is burning the material and fuel that will make the area a safer one down and road, and not as prone to these types of larger wildfires.)

We'll be updating this page as often as possible.  Please note that we provide this as information only- the accuracy of the various information that is provided is impossible for us to confirm or deny.  If you have questions, please call our office at 866 411 2327866 411 2327 FREE.