Bear Viewing Trips from Anchorage
Bear Viewing Trips from Anchorage
Bear Viewing Trips from Anchorage
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The perfect combination!
My wife and I spent 7 days on a "Combination Trip" that was the best vacation...
- Dan and Pat Turnbaugh
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 Alaska Bear Viewing Trips 

from Anchorage

We've been offering day trips out of Anchorage for over twenty years and our bear viewing excursions are unlike any other bear experience in Alaska.  With the camp restricted to 12 guests, you'll have unlimited time to view the bears, not competing with other guests for prime viewing spots, or hunched in the dirt waiting for bears to come by.  This bear viewing experience is completely unlike the air-taxi based trips that have no infrastructure to support your dream of spending time with the bears of Alaska.

2 day Alaska Bear viewing Trip 

$1,595.00 from Anchorage / $1,495.00 no transfers

Our overnight experiences begin with a van pickup in Anchorage followed by a 135 mile transfer to our main lodge over the spectacular Seward and Sterling highways.  After lunch at our riverside main lodge, you'll transfer 12 miles to the Soldotna airport for a 50 minute flight to Alaska BearCampFollowing a thorough orientation you'll spend the rest of the day viewing Brown Bears and exploring the area around the camp, followed by dinner and overnight in custom Weather Port Tent/cabins.  After breakfast, there's more quality time spent watching and photographing the great bears and other wildlife, followed by a flight back to Soldotna some time after 2:00 (depending upon tides, weather and variety of other factors).  Those who have chosen round trip transfers from Anchorage will return to Anchorage in the late afternoon, arriving approximately between 7:30 and 9:30 pm at your hotel.  Those with rental cars will be on their own upon arrival to Soldotna.  Due to the transient nature of these great animals, overnight experiences are recommended, although we do offer single day experiences in the month of June and July.

  Alaska Bear Viewing -Day Trips     

$645.00 from Anchorage / $545.00 no transfers


Raised Platform bear viewingOur Alaska Bear viewing experiences, (with or without transfers from Anchorage) are an amazing experience to add to any independent tour of Alaska.  Free pickup in Anchorage departs from Anchorage at 7:30 am. A lunch is provided at the lodge, then a quick transfer to the Soldotna airfield for the 50 minute flight to Bear Camp. 2 Day trips will spend approximately 24 hours on the ground viewing the mighty bruins before flying back to Soldotna , then shuttling back to the main lodge.  After a little down time to stretch your legs and view your pictures, you'll depart by van for Anchorage, arriving approximately 9:00 - 10:00, depending upon a variety of factors.  Clients who opt to drive in will meet at our main lodge at 11:00am for check-in and instructions. Secure Vehicle parking is available for bear camp clients. (Sorry, RV parking overnights or camping are not available at Great Alaska Adventure Lodge- however there are a number of campgrounds nearby) 

BearCamp DiningLike sport fishing adventures, a variety of factors contribute to make every day unique and unlike any other...and because of the bears transient nature, we highly recommend overnight experiences for all of our bear viewing guests.  That being said, however the June 1 - July 30th time frame generally produces the most bears, and the Late July/August time frame provides the bears interacting with the salmon- a real once in a lifetime experience.

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