Alaska Salmon Fishing
Alaska Salmon Fishing
Alaska Salmon Fishing
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Alaska Salmon fishing with Great Alaska!

Our licensed, expert fishing guides have been creating memories for our friends and guests for nearly 30 years.  In addition to our world renowned trophy Rainbow Trout and Char, Arctic Grayling and Offshore fishing, our Alaska Salmon fishing is some of the very finest the world has to offer.  Whether expert or novice, spin or fly afficianado, you'll enjoy some fantastic variety, true trophy species and 5 separate river systems with Great Alaska Adventure Lodge.

Chinook "King" Salmon

Alaska King salmon fishing on the Kenai River(5/15 - 7/31) has you fishing for the world's largest, averaging 35 - 60 pounds, with 1/2 a dozen topping the 80 pound mark falling to our guests over the years. Countless 50, 60 and 70 pound salmon have been kept or released as well. Kasilof River king salmon average 15-35, with exceptional specimens reaching the high 60's. Trolling and drifting from power and drift boats (Kasilof River is drift only) in shallow water mean violent strikes with great fights. Beginners and experts enjoy success as our expert guides maneuver the boat to the fish- but once it's hooked…it's all up to you! It is truly an addictive fishery, (just ask Howard and Nina E. two of our very best guests, who are enjoying their 18th Alaska salmon fishing trip to Great Alaska Adventure Lodge this year!) Kings are also readily available on the fly- ask our office staff for more information.

Cohoe "Silver" Salmon

Silvers salmon fishing in Alaska (8/1 - 9/31) involves an acrobatic species that readily take spinners, spoons and flies with equal abandon. Nearly as popular as the famous Kings, they are a real hit  with our returning guests. A great catch and release species, they are also excellent table fare if you choose to keep a few and and combine them with our incredible trophy Rainbow Trout and Char fishing later in the August and September season. Casting spinners and flies are both tremendous ways of targeting these great game fish while in the river environment. 6-20 pounds. In addition to the great freshwater fishing in the Kenai and surrounding rivers, some of our finest Silver salmon fishing in Alaska occurs each year in the saltwater aboard our offshore boat "the Fair Chase" in Resurrection Bay and beyond during July and August.

Sockeye “Red” Salmon

Spawning Phase Red SalmonSockeye Salmon (6/5 - 7/31) may be Alaska's most amazing and certainly tastiest sport fish. The first run migrates up the Kenai to the Russian river in May and June, however it's the second run, in July, which our guests get most excited about. The run can number over a million strong, and thousands upon thousands gather in front of the lodge and make for great fun in the evenings after the King charters are over (in fact, many guests choose to target the Sockeye rather than the Kings!). The Sockeye’s eggs and decomposing bodies provide nutrients for the fat rainbows we love in August and September. 6-15 pounds. Sockeye are perfect for both spinning and fly rods, and their fighting ability is legendary. Pound for pound there is not a freshwater game fish in North America that can touch them. 

Pink "Humpback" Salmon

Pink “Humpback” Salmon (8/1 – 9/1, Even years only)  go sockeye one better.   Endlessly entertaining, they are perfect for youngsters, beginning fly enthusiasts or anyone wanting to catch more fish than they can count. Pinks are a lower quality eating fish once they enter the river, however if caught in the tidewater on a strong early push of fish they are perfect for smoking or the barbecue, or anyone who enjoys a milder tasting fish.  Their incredible numbers when they hit the river (from the last week of July till the 3rd week of August) are truly a sight to see. Pinks average 4-10 pounds and will strike anything, anywhere, anytime!

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