Great Alaska Cooking Jobs
Great Alaska Cooking Jobs
Great Alaska Cooking Jobs
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Alaska Culinary jobs at Great Alaska Adventure Lodge


Great Alaska Cooking JobsGreat Alaska Kitchen Positions:

All Great Alaska kitchen staff work as a team. Our chefs are all trained and experienced in the field.  People skills are paramount along with of course  that knack for producing great meals under demanding circumstances of a resort in Alaska!    We take pride in our client and staff meals and our kitchen staff works hard to make them the best they can be.  If you would like to join the Great Alaska culinary team, you must be a self-starter, and take pride in your appearance, their kitchen and their daily presentations.

These are the positions we hire for in our Kitchen.  Check with the website for which positions are still available currently:

1.  Head/Executive chef-  Head chef position- extensive industry experience, both menu planning, budgeting, managing staff and creating a fun, low stress kitchen environment that is flexible enough to create great foods for both out guests and staff, all while keeping to the budget.  Daily managers meetings, weekly days off, great management support and access to Soldotna means this is not as difficult a scenario as many truly remote lodges in Alaska.

2.  Sous Chef - A great way to experience Alaska and use your culinary skills to help our guests experience be all that it can be.  Meal planning, limited ordering kills, kitchen storage and freezer management plus backing up the head chef on days of is all on the agenda for the Sou chef, along with all other tasks necessary to keep the operation running smoothly. 

3. Breakfast Chef- "The hardest job you'll ever love".  Not for everyone, but for those with the ability to "rise and Shine" very early in the morning (2:00 am many days) it's a great opportunity to run a kitchen, provide great, popular breakfasts, interact with guests and have the plenty of afternoons off for beach fishing, hiking or enjoying the beautiful area we call home!

4. Dishwasher/clean-up-  "On of the most critical positions in any kitchen!  The classic entry position for anyone interested in a career in the culinary industry.  The perfect place to hone your self starter, hard working and cleanliness skills.