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Alaska BearCamp
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View out of BearCamp tentYour adventure BearCamp®

With a backdrop of towering snow capped mountains ahead and the blue waters of Cook Inlet behind, the camp sits in a literal time machine.... Accessible only by Alaska Bush plane or boat,  nestled between Mt. Illiamna and Cook Inlet, it is here that our guests experience these magnificent animalsIn fact, you'll know many of these bears by name by the time you leave!

In the early spring, female Alaska Brown Bears (Ursos Arctos) leave Happy Photographertheir dens with young in tow, to feed on the succulent grasses found around our camp. This allows us the opportunity to view and photograph these magnificent animals. Like the grasses and salmon they feed upon, these Alaska bears are transitory – following the most available food source.   The number of bears seen on each trip varies, but the camp’s incredible location, great staff and spectacular flights in and out alone make the trip a success. 

The Camp...

Designed to minimize the impact to the bears, Alaska BearCamp is a  sustainable destination, and one we greatly enjoy sharing with our guests.  Our Alaska Bear viewing Camp sits in a copse of trees between the Alaska Mountains and the Cook Inlet shoreline- at the very entrance to Lake Clark National park.  Our guests stay in custom “Weather-Port” cabin/tents which are on raised platforms wooden decks.   Battery charging is available via solar panels and some limited generator time but we highly recommend bringing a few spare batteries for your digital cameras.  You can also give them a final charge at the main lodge prior to boarding the plane for the flight.



Meals will be flown in daily and finished by our outstanding staff.  Living in Bear Country requires going easy on the bacon and fried goods, so we'll focus on healthy, tasty items that don't make a mess! BearCamp Dinner

To help keep our staff and guests safe, no "happy hour" will finish your day at BearCamp, but a nice glass of wine with dinner will cap your day if you like.


If you choose one of our 2 or 3 day trips, you'll overnight in our double occupancy Weatherport extreme weather  tents.  These renowned tent-cabins are used in places as remote and rugged as Patagonia and Antarctica.   They are built on raised platforms with small decks, and each sleep two via twin beds with linens.  The tents feature wooden floors, solid doors, propane heat and light. writing desks, clothes hooks and desks for writing.  Hot coffee to your tent each morning will be your wake-up.  The tents feature "en suite" potty facilities, so no roughing it here!   The community bathhouse feature Composting toilets and eco- showers.    Private Alaska Bear Viewing
Along with the comfortable sleeping tents, you'll appreciate our spacious dining and lounging tent, which like the other Weather-Ports, is "hell for stout" and really designed to hold up to Alaska's famous driving wind and rain, (which can sometimes be a factor when you are spending time in the Alaskan Wilderness!)  This means you'll have lots of room to spread out during any rainy or story times.

Alaska BearCamp StaffSustainability

Great Alaska BearCamp® believes in supporting and helping to sustain the wild animals and wild places we all cherish.  As an AdventureGreenAlaska sustainable destination, our camp is designed to  impact the bears in the most minimal way we can.  To that end, we utilize composting toilets, limit our water usage, pack out trash and employ solar panels to reduce fossil fuel use.  We minimize our water use and most importantly, work with the National Park service to help them learn more about the bears that we come to know so well.  We attempt to minimize the impact to the animals, and in fact be a positive force for them rather than a negative one. Sharing this incredible area with you, our guests, is one of the great ways to help spread the importance of protecting our wild places.

Your security... & Our Philosophy

The entire guest tent area is surrounded by an electrified fence perimeter, and all guests travel with armed guides at all times.  Alaska Brown Bears are wild animals and Great Alaska treats them with the utmost respect.  Our goal is not to get our clients as close to the animals as possible- our goal is to allow our guests to experience the bears in their own natural environment, while at the same time impacting the animals in the very lightest way possible.  Unlike many air charter - based bear viewing experiences that tend to "chase" the bears, we instead have been in the same defined location for well over a decade- so the bears understand our boundaries and we do not infringe upon theirs.  This is safer for our guests and safer for the magnificent animals we all love.   

(Itinerary note: Alaskan weather can occasionally cancel or delay flights- we recommend a "buffer day"
on  either side of any remote experience like our Alaska Bear Viewing trips).  We highly encourage all our
guests to select the overnight versions, as this provides the greatest opportunity to see these beautiful

Add BearCamp to your Alaska trip........


Bear viewing 2 day trip

2 day bear viewing trip

Round trip transfers from your anchorage hotel (no transfer version also available) plus all meals, flights to and from the camp plus nearly 24 hours on the ground with our great staff and the bears of BearCamp!

Bear Viewing 3 day trip

3 day bear viewing trip

Anchorage hotel pickup, all meals, flights to and from BearCamp plus two nights and three days at BearCamp.  Perfect for the true photo enthusiast or Alaska Brown Bear nut!

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