Alaska Bear Viewing
Alaska Bear Viewing
Alaska Bear Viewing
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Must experience!
The experience of seeing bears so close cannot be put into words! The camp...
- Nancy Liuzzo
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Alaska BearCamp®

Our award - winning Alaska Bear Viewing Camp is located on the shores of Lake Clark National Park, in a rugged. inaccessible and incredible wilderness. 

Named "North America's best Bush camp" by Outside Magazine and one of  "America's Best Adventures" by National Geographic traveler,  Alaska BearCamp®  sits in a virtual time machine...between the towering snow capped mountains of the Alaska Range and the ice cold waters of Cook Inlet.  Accessible only by air or water,  It has been called "The Alaska of my dreams" and "all I imagined it could be" by past Great Alaska guests.  You may enjoy the trip via one of our extended Alaska Adventure travel trips, or as the perfect  1, 2 or 3 day add-on to your independent tour of Alaska.

The Bears of Alaska

Your exciting bush plane flight to the camp will fly by the peaks and glaciers of two of Alaska’s most famous volcanoes (Mt. Redoubt and Mt. Illiamna) and, as Alaskan's have been doing for 60 years, land on the beach directly in front of Alaska BearCamp®.  This true roadless wilderness will become one of the most memorable parts of your vacation.  Our private the camp is perfectly situated between the ocean shore and the sedge grass - rich meadows and a salmon spawning stream.  This is critical Wild Alaskan Brown Bear Habitat.

The Brown Bears of Chinitna Bay...

In the early spring, female Brown Bear (Ursos Arctos) leave their dens with young in tow, to feed on the succulent saltwater and sedge grasses found around Chinitna Bay, and Alaska BearCamp. This allows us the opportunity to view and photograph these magnificent animals without negatively impacting them, in their own environment.  Like the grasses and salmon they feed upon, the bears are transitory – following the most available food source.  For our Alaska Bear Viewing TripsOne day trips to the camp take place in  June through Mid August, with overnight stays all throughout the season (6/01-9/01).

Alaska Bears feeding on SalmonHome of the Bears!

So unique is this intimate location that Disney used Alaska BearCamp® as a primary base camp for much of the 2012 and nearly all of 2013 to film the new movie “Bears”.  Nowhere in Alaska is the bear viewing as consistently productive as our camp, due to the season - long availability of food.  In the Spring, sedge grass is waiting for the bears as they emerge from their dens in (perfect feed for the young  cubs as they learn the ropes of wilderness life!) and then, of course the returning salmon of July and August allow the bears to gorge upon the protein so critical to putting on fat to hold them over the long winter.    Our one of a kind camp, with it's private, camouflaged viewing platforms allow you to safely view and truly experience North America's Alpha Carnivore.

The BearCamp® experience is included in some of our most popular itineraries:  

Ultimate Combination PackageThe Ultimate Combination - Overnight at BearCamp plus world class Kenai river Salmon & Rainbow Trout fishing, offshore Halibut Fishing and a cruise of incredible Kenai Fjords National Park.

National Park Safari10 day National Park Safari with 3 days of bears plus Kenai Fjords cruising, end of the Road" touring, Denali National park tundra Wildlife tour.  Choose to return to Anchorage via Alaska Railroad.

National Park Safari1, 2 or 3 day independent Bear Viewing trips.  Add our amazing Alaska BearCamp to your independent tour of Alaska.  R/T transfers from Anchorage (or no transfers required) available.

Fishing and Bear viewingFishing and Bears combo - either 3 or 5 days of world class Alaska fishing, plus 2  days of wild bear viewing at our one of a kind fly in bear viewing camp.  Perfect for the angler who loves wildlife, or couples who are sharing each others interests!

Alaska Family AdventureThe Alaska Family Adventure - Bear Viewing, hiking, glaciers and whales and Fishing and "right at the door" pickups in Anchorage. The most one of a kind, never forget it family adventure there is. Win the war of the best summer trip at the water cooler this year!
Wilderness SafariThe Kenai Multi-Sport Safari  an energetic, exciting aerobic adventure of the Kenai, with Mt. biking, Whitewater Rafting, Wilderness Hiking, Glacial Lake Sea Kayaking and more.  There is simply no other multi sport trip in Alaska quite like this.
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